Our management policy focuses on the implementation of the main services of the organization – drilling and blasting operations, stabilization of pits and landslide affected areas, and completion of various construction and installation works at prices and quality meeting the requirements of the customers and bearing optimal benefits for the organization and all interested parties.

The management of the organization represented by the Managing Director hereby officially declares that the policy related to quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety is an integral part of the work processes of HIDREX Ltd. The Managing Director has a commitment personally and jointly with all employees to adhere to the quality management, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety policy, and stick to its principal goals:

  • Provision of high quality construction services in compliance with the regulations;
  • Expansion of the business of the company, including finding new customers and investors, and creation of a circle of permanent customers;
  • Dedication of one part of the business of the company to the performance of finishing works;
  • Aspirations for performance consistent with the environmental standards;
  • Provision of occupational health and safety;
  • Introduction of new methods and ways of work consistent with the modern requirements of customers in order to achieve customer satisfaction;
  • Inclusion of high quality materials and technologies in the provision of the main services;
  • Constant improvement and refinement of the processes and the work environment in the organization;
  • Enhancement of the usefulness of the available materials, human resources and funds;
  • Reduction of losses in the use of materials, equipment and resources;
  • Creation of a strategy for development and enhancement of competitiveness on the basis of feedback from customers, and on the basis of their commendations and complaints;
  • Accomplishment and retention of the commitment of all employees of HIDREX Ltd to the quality policy and goals, the environmental policy, and the occupational health and safety rules;
  • Constant motivation of employees;
  • Maintenance and constant development of the personal qualities of each employee, and the leadership skills of the management represented by the Managing Director by further training and qualification;
  • Maintenance of good relationships with all interested parties: customers, suppliers, partners;
  • Constant work toward increasing the preventative measures as opposed to the corrective measures;